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-**1.** ​Enable or disable ​this checkbox for highlight current target.\\ +**1.** ​In this treeview can scroll all command can assigned to a key.\\ 
-**2.** ​Enable or disable ​this checkbox for show flags over mobiles around.\\ +**2.** ​Use this button to enable HotKey.\\ 
-**3.** ​Enable or disable ​this checkbox for disable ​animation of all type of fields.\\ +**3.** ​Use this button to disable ​HotKey.\\ 
-**4.** ​Enable or disable ​this checkbox for block or allow trade request.\\ +**4.** ​In this textbox can select ​master hotkey (for enable ​or disable ​all hotkey function).\\ 
-**5.** Enable or disable this checkbox for block or allow party request.\\ +**5.** Use this button to save master hotkey.\\ 
-**6.** Enable or disable this checkbox for start or stop AutoRemount Engine.\\ +**6.** Use this button to clear assigned key to master hotkey.\\ 
-**7.** Use this button for select ​mount mobile or etheral mount item.\\ +**7.** In this textbox can select key to assign a specific command ​in treeview.\\ 
-**8.** This textbox if for delay in remount try for normal mount.\\ +**8.** Enable or disable this checkbox for allow keypress passed to client ​or only fire selected command.\\ 
-**9.** This textbox if for delay in remount try for etheral mount.\\ +**9.** Use this button to save hotkey ​to specific command.\\ 
-**10.** Enable ​or disable ​this checkbox for start or stop Graphics Change engine.\\ +**10.** Use this button to clear assigned key to specific command.\\
-**11.** Use this button to add a graphics filter.\\ +
-**12.** Use this button to delete a graphics filter.\\ +
-**13.** In this column show if filter ​in line is enabled or not.\\ +
-**14.** In this column show old graphics ID.\\ +
-**14.** In this column show new graphics ID.\\ +
-**16.** Enable or disable this checkbox for start or stop AutoCarver engine.\\ +
-**17.** Use this button to set blade to use to carve corpse.\\ +
-**18.** Enable or disable this checkbox for start or stop BoneCutter engine (Doom).\\ +
-**19.** Use this button to set blade to use to cut bones.\\+
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